Pina Colada Recipe – ULTIMATE Coconut & Rum Cocktail – Recipes by Warren Nash

When summer is here, you can’t beat a nice refreshing cocktail. Give my pina colada recipe a go. A great alcohol based rum cocktail with coconut cream, pineapple and more.

You can also use coconut milk when making this cocktail at home, simply add more frozen pineapple and ice to keep the consistency nice and thick.

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Ingredients (Serves 1 | Prep time: 5m | Cooking time: 0m | 242 calories & 6.8g fat p/serving):

– 5 Chunks frozen pineapple
– 30g Coconut cream
– 100ml Pineapple juice
– 50ml White rum
– Large handful ice cubes
– Wedge of pineapple (to garnish)


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