Grape Leaf Wrap Recipe Stuffed Vine Leaves Traditional Turkish Leaf Wrapping

Olive Oiled stuffed Leaf Wrap Recipe
Ingredients for 5 servings
60 pieces roll wrap inner mortar
1 onion
A little crushed garlic
1 spoonful of tomato pepper
Dry mint
2 tomatoes
Liquid sunflower oil and olive oil
1.5 cup rice
Salt and black pepper
1 lemon
Olive oil stuffed leaf wrap
A great taste that can be served as a snack or break hot that will appeal to vegetarians
You can evaluate these grape vine leaves which are used in Ottoman cuisine very well
In front of our house and in our garden, plenty of these leaves
We are collecting the grape leaves first of all in our own garden
Fresh and natural grape leaves as you can see
Gather from the correct leaves that are firm for olive oil thin leaf wrapping stuff
Wash the leaves by adding them into a cold water-filled container
You can hold it in circulating water for about ten minutes
Bring the ready-made vetch by cutting off the handle parts and washing
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Add the leaves to boiling water and let stand for a while
You can add some salt into the water so that the leaves do not break upGet the leaves as they get the color in this way
Materials for wrapping in leaves One onion A little crushed garlic
A spoonful of tomato peppercorn Dry mint Two tomatoes
Cummin Liquid sunflower oil and olive oil One and a half cups of rice Salt and black pepper Chill the onion finely
Add finely chopped onions into a deep bowl
Stir tomatoes Add dry mint Add salt Add caraway Add garlic
Add liquid sunflower oil and olive oil Add tomato and pepper crust
Add rice and stir Add the tomatoes to the sliced ​​thinly
Add a few sheets under the pan
Add the ingredients you prepare in a scaled fashion
Close the edges and tighten and roll in and add to pot
Twelve units are calculated as part size
Place a few slices of lemon on the cooking process
Turn a porcelain plate upside down and prevent the wrappers from spreading Add a glass of water Cook forty minutes low on the fire
After the pulse, let it brew, it will not be water, it will be ready to serve You can see that it is very beautiful exactly the desired texture Place yoghurt pancakes in the middle of the serving plate
Place leaf wrappers of olive oil around the witch
Decorate the serving plate with tomatoes and lemons
Place regularly Add vegetarians and yogurt add some spice to color
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